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Family excursions from Senan

Start and end point: Senan.

Distance: 2,500 km.

Routre type: circular.

Level of difficulty: low.

Total elevation gain: 120 m .

Trail markers:  Marked with indicators by the town hall of Senan. Connected to the Camķ de Sant Jaume a Catalunya and the GR®171.

Its an ideal itinerary to do with the family to quickly see the area around Senan, including iconic places such as the church, the giant evergreen oak of Pastora and the old stone washing fountain. .


          In Conca de Barbera

           Art and cultura


                   La Conca de Barberą is a territory rich in cultural history

              Wine and cava


Some of the winemakers (cellers) of Conca de Barberį open their doors to us to demonstrate how they create the characteristics of these “Dominació d' Origen”  wines.




Discover the rich nature of Conca de Barberį and the beautiful landscapes which make the territory so idyllic.

                Walking routes


La Conca de Barberą offers a great variety of walking trails. If you like to walk and discover new places, come and enjoy, you'll like it!

             Mountain bikes trail


La Conca de Barberą offers a number of various trails for MTB (and road cycling) throughout the territory. You can pedal town to town and after climbing through woods and vineyards revel with local tapas.

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         Gastronomy and Crafts


When we travel or discover a new place we like to take the memory home, or buy gifts. The area offers many products representative of the country and its culture, authentic KM0 foods, oils, and crafts.